Monday May 23, 2022

These top factors can affect your bankroll

Despite good winnings as a poker player, do you still seem to have a bankroll that doesn’t sit where you think it should? What’s eating away at your bankroll and how can you avoid this to ensure you get to keep money you win. Read on to discover which top factors affect your bankroll management.

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Big purchases

Sometimes big wins cause you to go out and buy something big. That, or you feel you need a certain image and, either way, it’s likely you are buying cars or suits more often than you should. Think carefully before you make large purchases. If you have a big win, make yourself a rule that you add 75% of this to your overall bankroll and only use a quarter to buy big treats for yourself.

Swapping pieces

Swapping or selling a percentage of your winnings with another player is a way of spreading your bet that can sometimes work. But if you’re doing it all the time and don’t feel you are getting back what you’re winning, it could be down to your ‘swapping pieces’ habit. Spend a little bit of time keeping your own winnings and not buying a stake in anyone else’s and see what affect it has on your bankroll.

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Travel expenses

If you travel to professional poker tournaments, then it’s likely a sizeable amount of your bankroll is going towards expenses, and we’re not just talking about the plane here. Many poker tournaments happen to occur in glamorous destinations such a Las Vegas, Cannes, London; cities that are notoriously expensive to eat, stay and party in. It’s far cheaper to play at online poker sites for real money, such as These sites offer good winnings but don’t require you to leave your house.

Your ego

The basic rule of bankroll management is that you only spend what you have, retaining a certain percentage at all times so you make a profit. However, ego can do bad things to a poker player and cause you to stretch yourself financially, borrow and take risks. Keep your ego in check at all times.

Taking these factors into consideration you should be able to manage your hard-earned bankroll better. Keep a check on your spending, your ego, whether your piece swaps are paying off, and keep travel expenses low.

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