Friday May 20, 2022

Weird and wonderful facts about IT

We are all reliant much more on the internet and our IT software and hardware than we have ever been and it is essential that as a business you ensure that your systems are installed and running correctly as down time can mean a loss of income. This is where IT Support Cheltenham companies can help out, being the first port of call for any issues with your IT systems.

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  • Did you know that emails were actually around long before the world wide web existed?

It is easy to think that emails were established after the invention of the internet but in actual fact this occurred the other way around. Emails were sent using a number web pages and you were required to have a computer and connection via telephone to Micronet. THe system that we have now is much simpler for the user and quicker as well.

  • If you have ever undertaken a typing course or watched a touch typer working you will probably be well aware of the finger placement on the keyboard and the use of this and will also know about the QWERTY keyboard layout. It is thought that the QWERTY system may have been established for a couple of reason. These are either the use of this system meant that telegraph operators could decipher morse code a lot quicker than before or that it was in fact a system that was designed to slow down manual typewriter users as typing too quickly on these systems usually resulted in the keys becoming jammed.
  • Physical currency is fast becoming obsolete and more than 92% of currency is digital. This means that it is in essence numbers being moved around from one bank to another rather than physically take money from your bank account and using it to pay for something. It will be interesting to see where our use of money will move to in the future and whether physical money will cease to exist completely.

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  • If you have ever wondered whether there is a way in which you can reduce the amount of ink that you are using, you might want to look at the font style that you use for your written documents. This is due the fact that by design the different font style all use differing amount of ink. Combine this with printing everything in draft in your printing screen and you should see you ink usage shrink.
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