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Six considerations when protecting business data

Data security has to be a top priority in many businesses these days, both due to laws and regulations and because of the risk of data theft and reputational damage. Security measures are needed, therefore, to protect digital and physical data on a daily basis.

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Recognise the need

It is vital to accept how important it is to protect business data and recognise the need for robust and comprehensive policies and practices.

Old digital hardware disposal

The launch of the GDPR during 2018 has meant that digital data security has never been more important. Read more about this at This extends far beyond simply making sure that online databases and accounts are maintained and protected. This means that it is vital to protect data in all sorts of different formats.

Policies must include things like dealing with digital equipment and hardware that is no longer needed. This includes old laptops and hard drives, which can hold lots of sensitive information and business data.

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Shredding documents

Whether you choose to use a professional confidential shredding service or opt to do it in-house, the importance of shredding cannot be underestimated.

Businesses should have a robust process that covers everything from document storage to archiving and destroying items. A regular shredding schedule should form a vital part of this process.

Don’t let documents build up

It can be tempting to leave documents lying around, whether that is in a physical sense or on your hard drives. You may think items are out of date and no longer important but these can provide a whole host of data if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

Monitor destruction processes

It is not enough to simply set up a process of document management and destruction. This also needs to be regularly monitored and changes made if and when they become necessary. This may mean increasing the frequency of your monthly shredding service from a company such as, or making document clear-outs part of workers’ day-to-day tasks.

Consider a professional shredding partner

In a busy business environment, shredding tasks can fall by the wayside, but this can be a costly mistake to make. Outsourcing the task can help you to stay compliant with the law and protect your business reputation without anyone having to be taken away from other core business tasks.

How to Deal With a Family Member or Friend Going Away for University

When someone you are close to moves away to University, it can be hard on you; if it’s your child, you will obviously worry about their health and well being, so it is natural to feel apprehensive about them moving away – if you feel that your teenager is struggling with mental health issues, here’s how you can spot the signs. If a close friend is moving away, it may be that you are worried about feeling alone and abandoned; during these feeling though you need to think about your friend and the anxieties they could be feeling about moving away.

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Support Them

If your child is going away for University, it may not be your choice, but you need to respect theirs; if you try to put them off and get angry about their choices, then it could push them away even more. Try and guide them to pick the right choices, but also support them too; be with them when they visit the campus, and try to help them as much as possible. Make sure to find the appropriate living conditions for them, as you will want to ensure their safety; Cheltenham Student accommodation Cheltenham based student living such as have comfortable and clean living conditions for students going to University, and they have everything that your child will need.


If you’re feeling anxious about a friend or family member going to University, it is best to share your feelings; talking about your worries, and allowing them to tell you their worries will bring you both closer together. Siblings can also struggle when it comes to their brother or sisters going to University, but if they don’t communicate very well, this could make it harder on them; as a family, you could all sit down together to talk about your worries and concerns.

Build an Agreement

Going from seeing your family member or friend, to not having them around can make things difficult for both of you, and can set emotions high. It is important to consider each other’s feelings during this time; perhaps make an agreement like talking on Skype every day, or agreeing to visit once a month – compromise is the best way to keep both sides happy. Over time it should be easier to adjust to your new life and so you should be able to relax on the agreement. When someone you know is moving away to University, it is better to consider their feelings above yours, as they have a completely new way of life to adjust to.

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 Be Positive

 Being positive for the person moving away will really help them a lot, you may not feel positive on the inside, but if you appear positive and really support their decision, it will certainly make their University adjustment much easier. If they are feeling homesick, make sure you are there for them; send them regular text messages instead of phoning them, as this could make them feel even worse. It is important to make sure they still feel included; sending them photographs of any days out will make them feel much better. To make yourself feel better, why not plan some fun things to do when they are visiting home? You could plan a spa day or you could go for a nice meal somewhere, this will really take your mind of any sadness you are feeling.

Keep Your Mind Busy

 Thinking about your friend going away for University will only make you feel worse, and it could affect all parts of your life; if you are a parent on your own, why not get a pet? It doesn’t mean you are replacing your child, but it also gives you something to focus on and look after. Taking up a new hobby is also a great way to take your mind of the sadness; you could attend a dance class, or get involved with a painting class. If your best friend has gone away, why not try making some new friends? If you get involved with a new activity, then you are guaranteed to meet new people.

How to Deal with the Pressures of Learning to Drive

Learning to drive can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Most young people (and older people!) who learn to drive are very keen to start driving and gain their own independence, but this desire to be able to drive can also cause a great deal of stress and pressure for the learner. Wanting to be independent of parents, keep up with friends who have cars already, or be able to make their own way to work and back are just a few of the pressures people feel when it comes to learning to drive.

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The first problem may learner drivers can encounter is finding an instructor. Of course, there are many driving instructors up and down the country, but it is crucial for the learner to get on with their instructor well and feel safe and comfortable, as well as feeling like they are learning what they need to learn!

A good way to find a good local driving instructor is a recommendation from a friend as they will have got to know an instructor well and will be able to advise if they are suitable. Many people may have two or three different instructors as they learn to drive, it is not uncommon to change instructors if the learner does not feel that they are right for them.

Another good way to learn is to have a parent or experienced driver act as an instructor. You must get insurance to do this and one place you could go to get insured is insurance brokers Bristol  Mark Richard.   Many people find learning with a parent or experienced driver is a good addition to having lessons as it gives them more time behind the wheel which can only be a good thing!

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When it comes to the day of the driving test, many learners find that nerves can get the better of them. It is important to remember that there are many things you can do to help with the anxious feelings. Get a good night’s sleep the night before, eat a good breakfast such as porridge for a slow release of energy, and have a lesson with your instructor just before the test.

It is normal to take the test in the instructors’ car but if you prefer to take it in another car you can as long as it meets the criteria.

Even though it can feel like a huge amount of pressure at the time remember there is no limit to the amount of tests that you can take in the UK and there are many people who do not pass first time, so try to enjoy it, learn from it and if you do fail put it down to experience and get another test booked in.

Five Security Seal Uses You May Not Have Considered

Security seals are the tiny little devices that come to mind when you think of Iberico hams and gas meters. However, there are so many uses for security seals you may never have even though of. Let’s take a look at five other ways you could use security seals.

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Emergency Security Seals

A security seal has a lot of uses in the medical emergency market. There are many different things they can be used for, such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and even parachutes. Having a security seal on an emergency item means that it is kept in perfect condition until it needs to be used. Security seals are also easily broken, so no time will be wasted in serious situations.

Transporting Samples

When biological and lab samples are transported, there are strict rules that have to be followed. The security of these items has to be monitored the whole time. This is where security seals can come in handy. They can be used to identify the contents of each sample and stop them from being unnecessarily tampered with.

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Monitoring Electoral Processes

Voting has to be done in confidence and with no interference to negate fraud. Knowing what are security seals could potentially secure ballet boxes. This would mean the contents cannot be tampered with and will not be able to be opened without authorisation. Security labels and void tags are two other types of seals that can be used in this instance.

Transporting Money

Moving money from one place to another can result in losses. This is why there are so many transport companies dedicated to transporting money. Security seals can be used in this situation so that cash operations can be correctly identified to avoid losses. It also puts potential thieves off from trying to swipe the money.

Ammunition and Artillery Transportation

Transporting ammunition and artillery is a use for security seals that is not widely known. However, in the armament industry, security seals are actually mandatory to secure the contents of packages and containers. Many of these contain weapons, so security is of the utmost importance. Weapons are also considered to be hazardous goods and therefore have to be transported under strict safety rules.

How to expand working space within a garage

Don’t procrastinate, get rid of it

Your very first task should be to rid yourself of rubbish and stuff no longer needed by you. If it has value but not to you, why not go to a car boot sale or donate it to a charity shop. If you only think it might have value to you, it probably hasn’t as you dumped it in the garage remember?

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Trays and containers

Nuts and bolts and useful things, you’re not quite sure what they’re called but they’re bound to come in useful one day, are what a good garage is all about. However, what use are they when you can’t find them because they’re in 20 different places or hiding somewhere on the floor?

Adjustable shelving

Shelving is good, but the wrong size in the wrong place is your worst enemy. Save yourself future graft and grief by using adjustable shelving in the first place. Shop outfitters are a good place to look.

Assign the space

Some people find it easier to organise a multi-use space by thinking in terms of zones, one wall for storage the other for tools, one corner for gardening equipment and so on. If you don’t really need the garage for the car at all you could think about converting it to a workshop or even living space. You might want a more weatherproof door if you plan to spend more time in it and a good place to call for a new door quotation or garage door repairs Watford is

If you consider a thorough rebuild dedicated to the new purpose for your garage, it’s a good idea to begin with research into any building regulations that might affect you, so start here –

Suspension technology

Yes, hang it up but do it with style. Many things you probably assume aren’t feasible to raise out of the way actually are. There is apparatus to help you hoist and secure cumbersome ladders and wheelbarrows in any good building supplies yard or DIY store. If you have some roof space there are even gadgets to easily hoist bicycles up there too. They aren’t always cheap but represent good value when you can reclaim the floor space for something more useful.

What are typical maintenance costs for Park Homes

Park homes are increasingly popular for their comfortable, modern accommodation and community ethos. They are particularly sought after amongst retirees and those seeking to get a foot on the property ladder. However, park homes can bring high levels of maintenance. Here we explain what you can expect.

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What is required?

Park homes are very energy efficient and low maintenance, and are much easier to look after than bricks and mortar dwellings.

Being one-storey makes them simple to maintain. If repairs are required, the items needed are standard ones easily found on the high street or in DIY stores.

Park homes are designed for longevity, and provided you stay on top of all the small maintenance tasks that crop up, you can typically anticipate your park home to last for up to 50 years.

General maintenance

The chassis – the park home’s underbody, usually made of a galvanized steel framework – needs particular attention. Protection from corrosion can be carried out by applying corrosion inhibiting paint (this needs to be repeated every five years). This measure is especially important at the sea-side, where the air can be salty.

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General maintenance for newer park homes

With a brand new home, structural issues shouldn’t need any attention for the first ten years. But do get your gas appliances and electrics inspected every year. Parks often have details of plumbers and electricians who can do these checks.

Often park home owners gang together and have their checks all done by the same company.

General maintenance for older park homes

Park homes older than 20 years will probably need re-cladding or a new roof. Because of this, you should get a survey done if you are purchasing a house older than ten years.

Gloucester park homes for sale can be found at

There are some more pointers here:

Some repairs will be taken care of by the park home site – your pitch fee will cover this work. These include the pad (or base) your house is located on, street lighting, and pipes, tanks or wires supplying gas, electricity or water to your home.

Usually there will be a site manager on hand to advise you. Find out what you are both responsible for and get everything in writing during the buying process.

Copper boilers of the past

In the Victorian era keeping the water hot fell to the task of the Wash Copper boiler. This was an essential part of the modern household kit at the time even into the 1900’s.  Without the Wash copper you would not have had any access to hot or boiling water. Most of them were used for cleaning and washing.

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There were two types available to the Victorian housewife. In older homes the Wash copper wash built into a utility room or kitchen safely sealed away behind a tough brick exterior.  The lid was either a copper one or some thick wood. The coal or if it was a more modern version gas or oil burner had some access via a metal gate cut into the brickwork where the fuel could be placed or ignited. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat so the water would soon be nice and warm or at boiling after a relatively short period of time.

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The other type of copper boiler was one that could be lugged around the house for wherever it was needed. Although the brick version was safe it was static meaning that you had to carry the water around in tin bucket or you washed the items there. The heat from the boiler could be intense, hence the brickwork, and the mobile copper were the same. It had an enamelled surface to protect and insulate the copper wash inside and this meant that it gave off pleasing warmth that it was apparently nice to rest an aching shoulder against it.

More expensive versions contained a tap or even a system that could vent off the steam into a flue. If it was a hot summer’s day this was a bit of a blessing. If the copper was used just for washing the families cloths the whole lot was dumped into the copper wash and “spun” around using a washing dolly. This was a stick with feet on the end that could turn the washing around. It was also used to extract the clothes so that they could be dried through a mangle.

Great care was taken to ensure that the copper wash was kept clean and tidy. Just as you would look to a Boiler Service Essex company,  the copper was monitored for rust and grease. Of course the Boiler servicing in Essex through Essex County Gas that is available today is much more in depth than the checking of the systems that occured in the past.  It was such a vital part of the house that nothing detrimental could be allowed to happen to it.

Cost-Effective Kitchen Improvements

Has your kitchen seen better days? If so, there are lots of ways that you can bring it into the 21st century without having to part with a lot of cash for a total kitchen refit. Using some imagination, there are many economic ways to improve your kitchen. These are some of the ideas:

Cabinet painting

You do not need to replace worn cabinets; a simple coat of paint is a great way to get a new look. If you have a neutral background, then you might consider adding a dash of colour to the cupboard doors to create an upbeat contemporary, fresh look.

New worktops

If you do not have the budget for a complete overhaul, then why not replace the worktops? It really can change the feel of your kitchen. Maybe you can add some extra luxury such as a built-in draining board or hot rods?

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Get better storage

Most of us struggle to find space for all the things we accumulate over the years. Sorting out your kitchen cabinets is a good place to start, throw away anything no longer needed or expired. A little bit of organization will be able to increase the amount of available space, clearing worktops and giving you the extra space to make your room look bigger. An additional benefit is that it will not cost you a penny!

Replacing cabinet doors and handles

If there is not much wrong with the structure of your cabinets, replacing the doors and the handles can provide enough of a change to immediately update your kitchen. Brand new, sleek doors and some exciting new handle shapes will make it look like you had a refit. For a real refit, think about Kitchen Fitters Essex at a site like

Introducing new fabrics

Another way to freshen up a kitchen is to place some new cushions, new table cloths or hang some new blinds to brighten up the room.

Treating yourself to some new appliances can also greatly improve the appearance and feel of your kitchen without making major changes or completely redecorating. If you’re purchasing new appliances, choose energy-efficient models to save on future bills as well.


This is an inexpensive way to add fresh interest to your kitchen. Buy some new accessories to put on display, whether they are related to kitchen crockery or glassware or flowers, for example. Accessories are a quick way to add warmth and colour to a room and a theme can pull the look together nicely.

Additional lighting

When a kitchen has a lack of task lighting, spotlights are a good idea, especially over worktops or new, interesting lighting over a dining table. It is an effective way to set an ambience or change the mood in a dull kitchen.

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This will turn old walls into new ones while costing almost nothing and not taking too much time. Pick a modern colour and even consider making a feature wall to really make a statement.

What is different about class 2 and class 3 scooters?

One of the questions that commonly comes up in terms of mobility scooters is “what is the difference between a class 2 and class 3 mobility scooter?”.

This is a question that is asked often even by those who are familiar with the world of mobility, as on face value, the two classes of scooters seem exactly the same.

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What is the class system?

This class system is a set of rules made by the British government to regulate the use of mobility scooters in the UK. The classes first appeared in the Invalid Carriages on Highways Regulations Act of 1988. With the passage of this act, we now have three classes of ‘invalid carriage’ in the UK.

A Class 1 invalid carriage covers manual wheelchairs, which are restricted to the pavement, for obvious reasons.

So, what are the class 2 and class 3 invalid carriages?

Class 2 – Mobility Scooters of 4mph

A 2nd class is given to the vehicle category of mechanically driven mobility aids with a 4mph top speed.

As this class includes the 4mph scooter, lighter pavement scooters, portable and folding scooters. A class 2 is a lightweight and compact scooter restricted to use on pavements and walkways, only being allowed on the road surface at the intersections of pedestrian crossings. This makes them ideal for trips to the shops and for travel around city or town centres and retail centres. For a supplier of Mobility Scooters Bristol, visit a site like

In addition, the class 2 categorization also includes electric chairs as the Rascal and Ezi Fold.

Class 3 – Mobility Scooters of 8mph

Class 3 includes mobility scooters that can be legally used on public highways. This vehicle is can reach a maximum speed between 6 and 8mph on the roads.

Thus, the restrictions and regulations surrounding these class 3 scooters are more stringent than they are for the class 2 scooters.

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The first step is that all class 3 scooters and other mobility carriages must be DVLA registered to be used legally. This is acheived by completing the registration form V55 / 4 for a new vehicle, or form V55 / 5 for a used vehicle.

It should also be noted that no one under 14 can operate a class 3 8mph mobility scooter. It’s also important to note that class 3 vehicles should not be used in cycle or bus lanes or motorways.

Now to ensure the safety of both the user and his fellow road users, class 3 scooters must comply with the following design specifications.

A 150kg maximum weight without user

A maximum 0.85m width

Must have 4mph speed limiter on pavement and off-road surfaces

A maximum speed of 8mph

A braking system that is fully functional and responsive

front and rear lights


Hazard warning lights

A working horn

A rear mirror

A flashing yellow (if used in jams)

When purchasing your scooter make sure that it meets all of these requirements. Without them the scooter will not meet the class 3 regulations.