Friday Aug 12, 2022

Winter Weather that is a Threat to Your Home

As autumn creeps ever closer, making sure that the home can withstand the weather over the winter months is something that we all need to think about. Although problems can occur in the summer, the odds of the weather causing problems for the home are much higher in the winter – here are some of the weather types to look out for and the effects that they have on your home…

Low Temperatures – When the temperatures drop, we want to snuggle up in the warm inside and maybe have a hot bath or shower. However, the risk that you run with low temperatures is freezing pipes, which could affect your heating and hot water supply.

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High Winds – We had a few storms last winter where winds got very high and caused all sorts of damage. High winds are a threat to your roof, both directly, by damaging it, and also by blowing things onto the roof such as trees.

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Flooding – Unfortunately, flooding is becoming more common, with a combination of building and climate change. Even if your home doesn’t flood, it can be bad news for drains, especially if there is already some damage to them. Before winter comes, find a specialist like this CCTV drain surveys Berkshire based company who will be able to check if you need any repairs and maintenance done to the drains.

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